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Who We Are

Bikkurim enables innovative, NYC-based, Jewish nonprofit organizations to grow and thrive. Through its incubator, Bikkurim has helped launch 31 startups that contribute to the diversification and reinvigoration of Jewish life. Through Atid Hazak (Strong Future), Bikkurim supports post-startups as they prepare to grow and scale for impact. Bikkurim is a joint project of the Jewish Federations of North America and the Kaminer Family.

Latest News

5/7/2014 – Bikkurim welcomes two organizations to its post-startup initiative, Atid Hazak

6/27/2013 – Bikkurim admits two new startups to its incubator

3/17/2013 – Bikkurim announces Atid Hazak, a new initiative for the post-startup phase

01/2013 – “No Change, No Growth,” an article by Bikkurim executive director Aliza Mazor