One of the most valuable modern technologies is the Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG). It draws water directly from the air around us. Several types have emerged, developed by different companies. Some were created in response to the world’s water scarcity problems, and others aimed to be practical while reducing theRead More →

Previous story: Finding the right marketing deal: Shemaroo Speakers and Chingari’s main influencers Next story: Gas-O-Fast launches its multilingual TVC Breathable Sand Harvesting and IDer Technologies Turn Barren Mountains into High Yielding Rice Fields Posted on November 23, 2021 The integrated use of breathable sand and IDer honeycomb harvesting, whichRead More →

Ecological sponge rice fields Image Credit: Provided Strong points The integrated use of breathable sand and IDer honeycomb harvesting, which is championed by Dake Rechsand in the Middle East, has transformed a barren mountain in Fuyang district of eastern Zhejiang province. China, into a lush paddy field that characterizes lowRead More →

Energy harvesting, the collection of small amounts of ambient energy from the surrounding environment to power self-contained electronic devices or circuits, is a promising technique that can help produce renewable and clean energy and improve sustainability. infrastructures. This technique is used to extract a sample of energy from physical phenomenaRead More →

Ocean Harvesting Technologies, a Swedish pre-commercial renewable energy company that strives to be a market leader in wave energy technology, has announced a € 300,000 investment from the Lundin Foundation. The investment is a € 300,000 grant from the Swedish Energy Agency to provide Ocean Harvesting Technologies with the fundingRead More →

Mikael Sidenmark, CEO of Ocean Harvesting Technologies, commented: “Our InfinityWEC technology is the result of several years of R&D and development of new technologies in adjacent industries. To bring our technology to commercialization, we are very pleased to welcome Lundin Foundation as a new shareholder of Ocean Harvesting Technologies. TheRead More →