Free courses on agricultural machinery and timber management

There are free agricultural machinery and timber management training courses for farmers in Devon and Cornwall.

Bridgwater and Taunton College is working with a government-funded program called Train4Tomorrow to offer an Agritech Machinery and Tractor Technology course.

The course is open to adults who wish to retrain and acquire practical skills and knowledge in agricultural technology.

Over the course of eight weeks, farmers will learn about the mechanized aspects of running a farm and learn about the future of agriculture, innovative technologies and alternative fuels available today and in the future.

In January, Duchy College in Cornwall and Bicton College in Devon are running an eight week Agri-Tech Timber Management course.

There are no entry requirements set for participating and students over 19 who are interested in forestry and timber management are encouraged to learn more about the establishment, maintenance and timber management, timber harvesting and environmental land management programs (ELMS) including carbon management, carbon footprint and realization of the Net Zero farm.

During the course, learners will also plant and maintain trees and learn chainsaw management skills.

Simone Tyrie, Jobs and Skills Project Coordinator at Train4Tomorrow, said: “The Train4Tomorrow program offers adults in the South West access to free and flexible training programs with little or no experience required.

“The Agri-Tech Technical Skills Training Camps held in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset have been developed with local employers in response to regional skill shortages and are helping to help people find secure and secure employment. paid.

“In addition to being free, the eight-week intensive courses allow people juggling employment and / or family responsibilities to acquire skills very quickly and to start practicing them as soon as they have it. finished the course. ”

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