UP: Farmer dies of heart attack while queuing to buy fertilizer

Lucknow: A 55-year-old farmer, who ran from pillar to post for fertilizer, died of a heart attack on Friday in a queue outside a fertilizer store in Lalitpur district. He would have been waiting for his turn for two days.

The late Bhogi Pal, from Nayagaon village in Birdha block of Lalitpur district, visited the district headquarters on Thursday to buy fertilizer. He went to a store in the Jugpura area, where his health began to deteriorate, and he collapsed while in line, eyewitnesses said. He was taken to the district hospital with the help of a few residents, where he was pronounced dead.

The district administration recommended compensation of Rs 10 lakh for the family of the deceased from the relief fund of the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

“Bhogilal Pal from Nayagaon had been lining up in front of a fertilizer store for a few days, waiting his turn. His health deteriorated and he collapsed. His autopsy report revealed that he died of cardiac arrest. His body was handed over to members of his family, ”said Police Commissioner (SP) Nikhil Pathak. NewsClick, adding that compensation of Rs 10 lakh to his relatives was recommended under the social assistance scheme.

When asked if there was a shortage of fertilizer in the district, the SP said, “There is no such shortage of seeds in Lalitpur division. Demands for diammonium phosphate (DAP) and urea suddenly increased due to rainfall last week. However, a meeting was held with various departmental managers and a strategy was developed for the sale of fertilizers, as well as the deployment of employees in all cooperative and private stores. Responsibility has been assigned to senior officers for the monitoring of the distribution.

According to Pathak, area magistrates have been appointed to closely monitor the three division districts – Jhansi, Jalaun and Lalitpur. He also called for sealing district borders to stop the sale of manure between districts.

Meanwhile, District Magistrate (DM) Unnavi Dinesh Kumar said heavy rains that hit the district three or four days ago had increased demand for manure. Due to the rains, the winter crop sowing season, which was due to end in one month, will now have to be completed within 10 days. “As a result, farmers are desperate and flock to the fertilizer stores in large numbers,” he added.

However, contrary to the SP statement, the victim’s son Kripal said Lalitpur had witnessed a massive increase in demand for fertilizer over the past week. He blamed his father’s death on the “apathy and neglect” of the district administration.

“My father has been waiting for the fertilizer for three days. He ran from pillar to post. He had slept outside Rajput Khaad Bhandar in the Jugpura region on Thursday evening, where he had stood in line for two consecutive days. He slept in a tin shed in front of the store so his turn would come early as the store opens the next day. He was awaiting his turn on Friday but fell unconscious and was taken to hospital with the help of farmers, where he was pronounced dead, “said Kirpal, the son of the deceased farmer. NewsClick.

According to Kripal, his father had two acres of land for which he had tried to obtain fertilizer. He had to queue several times for three days at several stores due to the shortage. “If the district administration claims there isn’t such a shortage, then why are there huge queues of farmers outside the fertilizer stores? You can visit any store and investigate how traders market manure illegally, ”he added.

In another case, a farmer attempted suicide due to the unavailability of fertilizer in Rondha village in Lalitpur district. Farmers claim they are not getting fertilizer from the Rondha Cooperative Society and, disturbed by this, Shyamlal (50) attempted to kill himself by hanging himself. But his fellow farmers saved him.

Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) president Lakhan Pal demanded compensation of Rs 50 lakh for the family. He warned the administration that if higher compensation was not paid to family members who died within a week, his union would launch a protest against the administration.

Farmers in the Bundelkhand region have faced a severe fertilizer crisis in the midst of the peak harvest season. Several other parts of the state are also facing a crisis. The Terai belt is the scene of daily protests by farmers.

With patience running out of steam after the continued shortage of fertilizers, a group of farmers from Lalitpur-Madawara district on Wednesday organized a roadblock in front of fertilizer shops on Lalitpur Road Madavara.

Accusing the administration of not controlling “black marketing”, a BKU official said: “The official rate of urea and DAP per bag is 1,200 rupees, but farmers pay between 1,300 and 1,500 Rupees per bag due to severe shortage Administration is not paying attention to this problem.

Some state officials and agricultural experts believe that the main reasons for the fertilizer crisis are changes in the structure of crops, the black market and farmers who do not repay their loans. Farmers can get fertilizer from the government at subsidized rates only if they have paid off their loans.

Rajeev Latiyan, an agricultural leader from Meerut, said there was a shortage of fertilizer in western Uttar Pradesh and the Bundelkhand region. Farmers do not receive DAP or DAP. The issue of the fertilizer shortage was also raised at the regional meeting of deputies and deputies of the ruling Bharatiya Janata party, but no concrete action was taken.